There are so many areas of concern relative to Alzheimer's. We have sourced the best in information from the National Institute on Aging: understanding Alzheimer', addressing caregiver concerns and the elephant in the room after becoming a caregiver, advance-care planning. Please source information through the incredible links below.

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Do you know what to do when your loved one is coming home from the hospital and bedridden for a few days and their skin is dry?

Do you know what to do when your loved one is bedridden and because of vascular disorders, their skin is dry but they lay on cotton  for hours of the day; creating flaking on their  thighs, hips and feet.

By 12 Noon, after moisturizing in the morning, your skin is already dry - none of your typical lotions and creams provides the proper amount of moisture all day. Do you know how to retain moisture throughout the day?

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Bedside Care

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   TO AGING WELL WITH DIGNITY-                                                                       FEATURING CREDIBLE LIFE ENHANCING TOOLS  AND SERVICES



If we are accountable to each other; for a person spanning from the cradle to grace, the same village it took to raise the child is going to be required to care for the adult as they age.

Hosea 4:6, "My people perish for lack of knowledge..."

Need a nursing home but don't know how to locate or evaluate. Go to and click on  find nursing homes.

Spouse was in the military? You may qualify for assistance through the veteran's administration. Go online to

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